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How to Be a Great Maid of Honor: Breaking Down the Responsibilities of the MOH

Congratulations! You’ve been chosen for the ultimate honor, Maid of Honor!

If your friend or loved one (your bride, that is) trusts you enough to choose you as their other special person on their special day you must have a truly important relationship. Your main role as maid of honor is to help support your bride where she needs it. That means helping with planning, helping mitigate the family drama, and making sure you do everything you can to avoid any wedding day hiccups that might arise.

Get together with your bride for an official planning meeting. You need to know exactly what she expects from you and what she wants to do herself. Before you talk to your bride make your own full checklist of things you want to ask about. Make sure she’s done the big things then you, catering, photographer and then figure out what’s smaller details you can help out with. Can you help with the registry? A lot of the hassle of things like registries has to do with creating an account and those irritating beginning steps. Can you create the registry account for your bride? Provide her with the username and password and then she can log in and immediately start creating her registry.

The Fun Stuff!

The Bridal Shower and the Bachelorette Party! 

For the bridal shower connect with your bride about her vision for the day. Some families expect a super traditional type of shower, some want a fun brunch day, some brides like to mix it up and do an activity like hiking or golfing. Include the mothers of the bride and groom or parents in planning the shower so at least have an idea of everyone’s expectations. As maid of honor, it is up to you to take some of the family pressure off of your bride by finding ways to accommodate everybody.

With the bachelorette party, you want to plan this with the bride and the bridesmaids and any other friends the bride tells you are important for this event. If you can be the one making reservations and communicating for the bachelorette party that is ideal. Let the bride decide who to invite and then reach out to each person yourself.

On the wedding day:

You, the wedding planner, and the bride are going to get all the questions from all the people. The more questions you can answer the better. Do your best to take the pressure off your bride by making sure the wedding party and wedding vendors know they can come to you for directions. Make friends with the wedding planner, you two are a team. 

That goes for the photographers too. Make sure people aren’t stepping into the photographer’s shot or hovering around with their iPhones distracting a couple’s eye. This will happen all wedding long and it is such a help to the photographers if they can have someone in the wedding party keeping an eye out for this as well.


In short, being the maid of honor is no small job, but it is rewarding. It’s a reflection of the beautiful friendship you share with the bride and the faith you have in the couple. You are helping them make memories that will last a lifetime. And they will also be incredibly special memories for you.