Wedding Bouquet

How to Choose Your Wedding Florist

Floral design wedding stylists in florists are turning out some amazing events. Just check Pinterest and you’ll be blown away by the beautiful creations that flower artists are bringing to the wedding scene. But how to choose and who? Here are some tips to make that a little easier for you:

Availability is Paramount

If they are not available though we can do you want to get married that’s probably not the fullest for you. If you’re set on this person as your floral designer, you can ask what available weeks they have and adjust your wedding date but it is not typical to do that for a florist.

Can they work within your budget?

An experienced florist should have many ideas for you whatever your budget. If you say your budget number and the florist bulks as too high or too low, run. They are not the person for you.

Ask to see their portfolio

or for the social media handle so you can check out the work they’ve done. Real pictures from real events will give you a better indication of the quality of work then from stylized shoots, so be specific if that is what you want to see.

How many events do they handle in a year?

How many will they be handling the weekend of your wedding? They should give you some indication that they limit the number of jobs they take on so that they can do their best work for each client.

Ask about styling your other events.

You may want florals for your bridal shower, bachelorette party, engagement party, ceremony and reception. This is months’ worth of events and planning and can get expensive so ask if they offer packages for all the wedding parties. A common floral thread throughout your wedding festivities will make your photos look amazing!

Some Local Options

Choosing a floral designer is one of the fun parts of planning a wedding. They will be able to add to the romantic vision you have for your wedding. Florists have a keen eye and are very experienced with weddings and events so if you have a question about any part of your wedding your florist is an excellent person to ask. Use those resources and your wedding will be unquestionably beautiful.

Here are a few florists in PA ready to create floral drama for your big day:

Fleurish Floral Design creates fresh and elegant florals for events. Check out their website to be inspired by the bounty of beauty!

Amaranth creates fairy tale dreams in florals. Their designs evoke luxury and true romance.

Mark Bryan Designs Know how to use color! Their selections of stems ensure they can make any color combination request sophisticated and tasteful. 

TWIG Gardens is proud to offer local blossoms to Southeast Pennsylvania couples. They are a design-forward florist and a quick look at their website is seriously inspiring.