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How to Host the Perfect Wedding

Handle a large guest list with help from professionals

You have so many family and friends that you can’t possibly pair it down. Congratulations to the lucky couple! Family and friends are what life is all about and if you can invite everyone to your wedding and that is truly spectacular! Big weddings are awesome the difficulty lies however in keeping your guests entertained organized and informed.

Hire a planner

A wedding coordinator will know how to handle a large guest list. If you don’t already have a large venue in mind, they will have many suggestions for locations that can accommodate your celebration. A wedding coordinator can be hired simply to coordinate the wedding, help you coordinate on just wedding day, or both. Decide how much help you need and reach out to some planners in your area. A big guest list can take some extra work, having that extra person in your corner could save the day! Literally!

Make it simple for your guests

Create a wedding website on the knot so your guests nowhere to access all the important information. Your wedding website can include RSVPs allow guests to make their meal choices and include their dietary preferences. This feature eliminates a lot of work for the couple and makes guests with allergies feel at ease and considered. 

 The wedding website is also a great space to introduce the wedding party, your couple story and photographs to go along with it, your guests definitely want to see that kind of stuff.  Include any travel information, maps, and event FAQs. Guests expected to travel will have questions and it’s excellent if you have it all covered on the website.

Hot tips!

Our favorite tips from expert wedding coordinators

Hot tip #1: Skip the buffet line! This is time consuming activity and leaves everyone waiting for food which is no fun. Instead go for family-style plates served at each table. That way everyone can still choose what they want and no one has to stand in a long line.

Hot tip #2: have at least one off-site accommodation space for your guests. Some people want more privacy than others and will not want to stay in the same space as a big wedding party. Make it easy on them by finding some place cute and close where those guests can be comfortable. 


A big wedding is a blessing. Celebrating your love with those who have loved you all your life is what wedding dreams are made of! Keep it as simple and fun as possible for you and your guests by making a few smart choices. Stay tuned for more advice on how to host large weddings your way!