New Hampshire Beach Wedding

Magical Tips for a Whimsical Luxury Wedding


Consider a big getaway destination wedding as an option. Here in the US some of the truly young at heart love to choose from the various Disney venues for their big day. In California and Florida Disney offers amazing wedding packages sure to delight guests of all ages.

Those who love to travel might consider Scotland for an ultra-romantic feel. The castles, manors and gorgeous natural colors of Scotland offer a phenomenal backdrop for photos. 

Food and wine lovers might want to escape with their wedding party to Italy. Tuscany is a popular place for dreamy nuptials as well as Lake Como, known for its beautiful homes and scenery.

Choose a cool venue and you’re halfway there. Research historic homes in your area, museums and more!


Dress your wedding party in modern or trending colors. Traditional wedding colors such as navy or apple red might not photograph as especially playful. Choosing non-standard colors for your wedding party or letting them choose from a selection of coordinating outfits will look fun in photographs and set your wedding apart from the others.


Go big with desserts!

A daring dessert display adds a dash of drama and delight to your reception.

A mini cake or special dessert delivered to each guest is a fun idea! Consider a patisserie table or a serve yourself candy bar with candy displayed in your wedding colors.

You can always go the carnival route to add a little life to your party have a cotton candy machine or other carnival goodies served. If your reception venue allows it, hire a carnival company to set up some awesome rides. If your event is on the water, offer paddleboats or a little boat tour to your guests! Have fun with it! 

Add some awesome extras!

Consider a horse drawn carriage as you make your entrance or for your send off! What could be more magical than ending your night Cinderella style? Fireworks are an exciting addition to any night time celebration. Balloon drops look amazing in photos and are easy to add to any ballroom reception. Also consider live entertainment. Music of course, but live artists or caricature artists will paint custom pieces during your event for you and your guests. Performers are a great addition to an unforgettable event. Fire dancers and aerial silk performers are often hired to add a little dazzle to a wedding day.


Don’t be afraid to think big and make your wedding your own. You and your guests will have memories of fun and magic that last a lifetime.